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More than 10 years of study in Latin and Ancient Greek.

15 years of passion and travel to foreign countries.

4 years of experience as a private teacher.

I believe learning new things should be a natural and fun activity.

What I can do for you

I offer online tuition services, and support to write your papers. My student’s age ranges from high-school students to professionals. First lesson is free and heuristic, meaning that I will formulate my offer based on your necessities.

Curriculum vitae

Freelance teacher since 2017.

CELTA certificated*. I am a fully-accredited English teacher.

Diploma from classic lyceum from Torquato Tasso school. One of the most renowned Italian schools specialized in classic culture, philosophy, literature and lifestyle.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University Of the People*

Experience as ghostwriter, audio book voice actor, and I have also worked in the customer service for a while so do not be afraid to contact me if you need help to get in touch with a multinational customer base.

Plus, a number of deeds in varied and diverse parts of the world.

*Graduating in 2021.

About me

I’ve always been passionate in learning new languages, literature, and other subjects; I just didn’t know it at first. This is the problem most of the students face: they are interested and enthusiast of learning new things, but they don’t understand the reward of mindfulness that comes from studying.

Why? Not because they weren’t taught at all, but because they were taught the wrong way. The problem is the method. Studying is an activity a student should be able to handle by their own. We are trained to study everyday for years, so why are so many of us leaving college, or giving up studying in general? Everyone of us is different (personally, I’m terrible at fixing the sink when it gets clogged) and my teaching style is meant to adapt to individual differences.

Some of my students might learn the use of ‘got’ by playing a card game. Some others are comfortable with the same method of teaching used in schools, but they need a trusted teacher to teach them how to concentrate during their studying sessions. I have also great experience in teaching students with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia). Aside from age differences, adults and young learners respond similarly to distinct teaching styles. Theory and practice must alternate one another.

Also, teaching other teachers is a rich chance to impact even more student’s lives. My teaching styles fuses the traditional listening, reading, writing and speaking with role play, case studies, reflection. I am aware of the great responsibility of a teacher. When I teach, I need to take a special approach, just as an actor must act according to the script. 

Post scriptum, I am going to add my short stories and a link to my novel, plus expand my blog with what I study and am passionate about.

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